About FlyTech

We Are FlyTech, We Build Create Develop Solutions

Here at Flytech, we take pride in everything we do and will find the best possible way for you to maintain your design esthetics. We provide solutions for our clients and designers from fabrication, cost savings, details, fixing methods etc. With over 25 years of experience in construction and design.

FlyTech Malaysia

FlyTech begins from 1996 with its parent company, KA Projects. Incorporating the commitment to its principal that is still held today, Which are : towards specializing in facade works; aiming for bigger and maintaining a diverse, creative and proffesional team. KA Projects then evolved into what is now FlyTech Industries Sdn Bhd. Providing the construction industry with alternative cladding and finishing tehcnology. Thus, creating the motto of the company - Anything is possible. FlyTech today specializes the use of EPS as the core and applying Fly Hard Coat as the surface material. EPS made out of polystyrene, a hardcoat and finishing coat, which make it crack resistant. A competetive finishing coat and environmentally - sustainable product that works in synchronicity with their surroundings to create organic or parametric forms.

Idris Kasturi, CEO of the company with more than 25 years of experience. Spearheading the company's biggest project in 1997, which the Prime Minister's office and House. Putrajaya to the current project the 30 story Menara WorldWide building in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. He had done research on various materials from GRC, FRP and PU molding extensively for many years before producing the versatile yet rigid component and worked initially with an Australian partner. Grason International that specialized in Architectural molding and later on with a veteran in the EIFS field with over 40 years of experience, Mr. James Devan, from Quadriga Productions in Orlando Florida, (USA) that specialized in theme parks. Working closely with international partners enabled FlyTech Industries Sdn Bhd to produce a multi-connected network that was crucial to the functions of the company. Through in-depth researching of the processes and technical usage of the technology.